Tre Pianelle Knife


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The Tre Pianelle knife gets its name from its style of blade which features three facets: two slanted side panels and a central panel. This knife has a long history; in fact, the three panelled blade was found in Roman and Sicilian models from periods before the nineteenth century and in other hunting knives. They had incredibly sharp lines that were more suitable for self-defence or attack rather than just cutting. However, this bloodthirsty side to the knife’s history was left behind when it became a Scarperia knife and fortunately Tuscany was not plagued by the series of stabbings that had been very common in other regions in previous centuries. In fact, this type of knife is rare among Scarperia knives because its specific features do not provide the very best cutting ability which is usually found in our knives.
As the Tre Pianelle is a clasp knife, the blade is only sharp on the inner side which folds into the handle, while the side along the spine is not sharpened. As with all our knives, the heel of the blade features our characteristic cross of St Andrew. The handle is very slender and ends with the metal ferrules that are similar to the ones on the Fiorentino knife.

Blade: ma5mv hardened stainless steel, simple steel spring with embroidery
Rings: german silver
Total length: 21cm | 8,46 ”
Blade length: 9,5cm | 3,74 ”
Tre pianelle with handle in ox horn €165