Zuava Knife


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The Zuava characteristically has a metal frame covered on the outside by ox horn plating and features two pieces of solid metal at the end, called studs, which give the knife its considerable robustness. This knife has a long history. In fact, its name comes from an old Napoleonic military corps, known as the Zouaves, who were probably equipped with a blade similar to this knife, which still today is known as a French blade. Its name takes the feminine form since it comes from the expression “alla zuava”. This sturdy, easy to handle knife was used for all kinds of purposes, from hunting and skinning animals to working in the fields or at home. It was a treasured possession of anyone who was lucky enough to own one and was even used for eating. With this versatile range of uses, it was the most well-known knife made in Scarperia and many people therefore considered it to be the knife of Scarperia.

Blade: ma5mv hardened stainless steel, simple steel spring with embroidery
Handle: AISI 304 stainless steel plates with studs
Total length:  19 cm | 7,48 ”
Blade length:  8,5 cm | 3,35 ”

Knife with studs in olive wood€ 160

Knife with studs in ox horn or buffalo horn € 175