Pattada without studs Knife


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This is a Sardinian knife par excellence; in fact, it takes its name from the small town of Pattada which is famous for producing this type of knife. The model we offer draws inspiration from the classic Sardinian model, although we have completely revised its structure, putting steel liners inside the handle and a simple spring mechanism that partially blocks the blade. We craft two versions of the Pattada, one with studs and one without, replacing the classic hose clamp around the bolster.

Blade: ma5mv hardened stainless stee

Handle: AISI 304 stainless steel plates with or without studs

Total length: 21 cm | 8,27 ”

Blade length: 10 cm | 3,94 ”

Pattada without studs handle in ox horn or buffalo horn €165

Pattada with studs handle in ox horn or buffalo horn €175