Vendetta Corsa Knife


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This knife was the most common blade in Corsica and became the traditional model of that region. The blade is often engraved with the word “vendetta”. However, this knife bears certain features which link it to ancient models from Genoa and Piedmont, such as the long, narrow shape of the bolster and the blade, as well as the traditional spring locking system found in French knives, which is the sign of their historical influence on this island. The knife is very sturdy thanks to its incredibly stylish characteristic metal frame.
We craft two different versions, one with studs and one without.

Blade: ma5mv tempered stainless steel, spring steel french embroidered
Handle: plates AISI 304 stainless steel with or without studs
Total length: 23 cm | 9,06 ”
Blade length: 10,5 cm | 4,13 ”

Vendetta corsa witout studs  in buffalo horn and ox horn  € 240

Vendetta corsa with studs in buffalo horn and ox horn € 270