Rasolino Tagliasigari Knife


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Originally from Sicily in the mid-nineteenth century, this knife is known as the Rasolino due to the blade’s similarity to a razor. We find traces of remarkably large Rasolino knives, about 25 cm in size, in ancient models with a simple spring mechanism and an ox horn handle decorated with carvings and grooves running down the material. Once the Giolitti Law was passed in 1908, prohibiting the possession of sharp knives, it is thought that a revised size model of this knife was one of the few models that were permitted. Appreciated for its cutting ability, the Coltelleria Saladini has also fitted this knife with a convenient section on the handle for a Tuscan cigar cutter (only in the cigar cutter model).

Blade: ma5mv hardened stainless steel, simple steel spring with embroidery
Total length: 19 cm | 7,48 ”
Blade length: 8,5 cm | 3,35 ”

Knife with handle in olive wood € 125

Knife with handle in ox horn € 140