Gobbo Abruzzese Knife


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This undoubtedly fascinating knife has a unique shape. Dating back to the mid-nineteenth century, its origins are linked to a knife from the Abruzzo town of Loreto Aprutino and it still retains its original features: a straight, narrow, pointed blade in the shape of a reed leaf, with a straight handle stretching up to halfway that then curves markedly towards the end, so much so that it gives the knife its popular name of gobbo (or hunchback in English). The Abruzzese of Scarperia is an extremely light and easy to handle knife, as a whole it has a sleek, elegant shape and fully deserves to be known as a real Scarperia knife.

Blade: ma5mv hardened stainless steel, simple steel spring with embroidery
Total length: 21 cm | 8,27 ”
Blade length: 9,5 cm | 3,74 ”
 Gobbo abruzzese with handle in olive wood €135
Gobbo abruzzese  with handle in ox horn €150