Table Knife Sharp Point

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Forged Knife

Forged Knife from Scarperia, Lightweight ox or buffalo-horn handle

Meat forged knife with a straight edge which helps not to rip the meat, in so maintaining the taste intact. Regarding the handles, made out of several natural materials, they are all made out of whole piece of material, because a “full” handle does not allow dirt and water to enter, these are the main factors that determine wear and tear.

Fully forged stainless-steel blade.

Knife Handle Materials:

  • Lightweight ox or buffalo-horn handle is carved from the densest part of the horn for superior strength and a beautiful grain.
  • Olivewood handle is dried and oiled for maximum durability
  • Handle color will vary.

For best results, please hand wash only and dry shortly after washing.

Knife with handle in Olive wood 50€

Knife with handle in ox-horn      60€