Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The area of Trequanda is highly vocated to the cultivation of olive trees and we produced here very high
quality olive oil.
It is a small area, with huge portions of chalky soil, located at an altitude of 400 metres.
Fattoria del Colle has 6 hectares of olive groves at 404 metres above the sea level. Here, we grow the
following varieties: frantoio (“correggiolo” in the vernacular language), moraiolo, leccino, pendolino e
some olivastra. The trees of the selected olive grove are grown according to the so called “monocono”
and “vaso” process.
The harvest of the olives is handmade in October and November. The olives are completely pressed
following the cold milling system within two days after the harvest in the close oil mill Sant’Angelo in Castelmuzio.

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