The Family Wineries

Donatella Cinelli Colombini owns two estates in Montalcino and Trequanda in the heart of medieval Tuscany.

Montalcino Casato Prime Donne
In Montalcino the Casato Prime Donne runs 18 hectares of vineyard. Within the cellars, barrels and tonneau lie beneath frescoes showing the history of Montalcino. The winemakers are all female, a revolutionary work situation for Italy. Even the consultant winemaker is a lady, Valérie Lavigne, from the University of Bordeaux. With the 2009 harvest, the Tinaia del Vento vinification area was inaugurated, designed to vinify Brunello with local native yeasts and to put technology to good use in order to recreate conditions similar to those of yesteryear.In the vineyards around Casato there is a trail path with resting spots embellished with works of art.
Trequanda Fattoria del Colle
The other estate, Fattoria del Colle in Trequanda, is in the Chianti and Orcia Doc regions. In addition to 23 hectares of vineyard, there are white truffles, fields of grain, olive groves, and a country inn with 18 apartments of different sizes, rooms with private bathroom, a villa with private pool, two swimming pools, a wellness centre, a restaurant and a cookery school. The hospitality that Fattoria del Colle offers in the old farmhouses is simple yet delightful. The furnishings are antique but the comfort is modern. The room once used by the Grand Duke of Tuscany and his lover Isabella is decidedly more exclusive. For aficionados of “useful” holidays, the estate organizes cookery and tasting courses, as well as week-long stays with lessons and guided tours dedicated to the countryside. The winery is very evocative: it begins with a medieval hermitage, crosses underground beneath the sixteenth-century villa, then rises up to the loft where Vin Santo is made. The vinification area state of-the-art equipment and a spectacular panorama of the Crete Senesi.

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