Scarperia Knife

Scarperia, an old medieval hamlet founded by the Florentine Republic on the 8th of September 1306, has earned its name as the “Town of Knives” .This is a town which, since its foundation, has constantly proven its vocation for working blades and thanks to this ancient art has become famous throughout the world. The origins of the tradition date back to the fifteenth century, when the first “Master Knife Makers” published the “Statuti”, to protect and organise the process of working knives, and the sale of the same. The foundations of the Coltelleria Saladini cutlery factory are laid in this innate culture of the knife. The Coltelleria Saladini was born in via Solferino, one of the historic streets of Scarperia, where in the past there were many knife makers.Leonardo Saladini’s desire to open an art shop (the present Coltelleria Saladini) right in the middle of the historic centre, where for years there had no longer been knife producers but only shops. Becomes reality in 1997 when the Saladini brand is born. The desire to add innovation to tradition, to create new ranges, with new shapes, and new techniques, permitted the Saldini objects to be quite distinct. A culture which is expressed with the choice of fine traditional materials and using the handed down techniques, but the Salidini productions are special also because of the attention and care to detail and to all the production phases. The traditional series of knives has been joined by a vast range of table and kitchen knives, accessories for the table, cutlery, and even bottle openers and cigar cutters. Artisan production characterised by the use of natural materials of the finest quality

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