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If you want to take home and keep in your heart an authentic piece of Tuscany get it directly from the hand of our artisans, something that is exclusive and cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

Items that, like jewels, go from one generation to another, becoming increasingly precious.

Collection Knives

From Scarperia, in Tuscany, one of her places with the oldest and most prestigious production of sharp blades, we offer a series of collection knives that are real masterpieces.

The historical shapes of the Tuscan knives are renewed through the use of technology combined with manual craftsmanship so that each knife is assembled and entirely finished by hand enriching it, in some cases, with identifying elements such as the Tower of Scarperia or silver bands engraved by hand.

Items that, like jewels, go from one generation to another, becoming increasingly precious.

A wide range of table accessories has been added to the traditional knife series


A collection of knives from Scarperia where master knife makers work with sharp blades of unparalleled quality.

Visiting Palazzo Vecchio in Florence it is possible to admire one of the ancient knives of Scarperia, pride of the Tuscan handicraft since the fifteenth century.

A wide range of table accessories, cutlery but also corkscrews and cigar cutters have been added to the series of traditional knives.

A production of excellence entirely handmade and characterized by the use of natural materials of the highest quality, such as handles in ox horn, olive and other types of wood.

fragrances and natural ingredients of the Tuscan tradition


Soaps created with traditional bronze mould with the old method of saponification used by the Tuscan master soap makers.

These soaps are made of quality, history and antique perfume recipes jealously guarded through the years.

Still today the workings are accurate and manual, scrupulously controlled in every phase, from the creation to the packaging. All of this to produce a fine soap, efficient in cleansing, delicate for the skin and destined for a clientele that is demanding and refined.

natural elements inspired by the colors of Tuscan landscapes

transparent resin – TABLE AND KITCHEN collection

Ears of wheat, flowers, pebbles, chili, spices, oranges, seashells, berries, coffee beans, corn grains,…
Nature is skilfully enclosed within a transparent material which is able to enhance its wonderful hues and make it “eternal”.

This is how centerpieces, trays, photo holders, lamps, and home decor items become a kind of pictures, inside which the countless colors of Nature echo the changing of the seasons.

Each individual element encosed in our artifacts is strictly real and no color will fade with time, no flower wither: nature is “suspended” in an airtight medium ensuring that no alterations will occur, for the same principle why fossil ambers have preserved for centuries so many specimens of small animals and plants.

A touch of Tuscany for an elegant bathroom


A touch of Tuscany for an elegant bathroom: soap dishes and sets made in a workshop that for the last 40 years has conjugated innovation to design. They can be found in the ceramic district of Montelupo near Florence, and have a centenary tradition.

QUALITY craftsmanship and modern creativity


The artisan laboratory in the Montelupo area, chosen by “Toscana Lovers” transforms old objects into fashionable table ware. 

Their fame is world wide: dishes with a shaped rim with a coat of arms in relief following a minimalist style which combines different colours, austere colours next to pastel shades. 

Here white enamel slightly rusty jugs with chipped edges, which farmers long ago used in the fields, have become cups and bowls…..then the wooden fruit crates which become majolica trays the pot blackened by use over the fire in the fireplace becomes a high-tech pan, so beautiful you can take it to the table. 

ancient and prestigious tradition

LINEN FOR THE HOME - Weavers in Tuscany

Our pieces represent the Tuscan tradition of textile craftsmanship, renowned and loved all over the world.

In the thirteenth century, Lucca was the first city to establish itself as a center producer of fabrics of great wealth and refined design. With the Renaissance, the art of manual weaving spread to Florence and then throughout the region with the creation of fabrics in linen, silk and wool. In the eighteenth century there were fifty looms in operation in Siena; typical of this area is the “canvas of Pienza” with the characteristic small diamonds.

Our products are still made by small workshops, with semi-mechanical frames.

fine materials such as cashmere, alpaca, wool, silk and linen

scarves and plaids

From this marriage between innovation and tradition, are born summer shawls in linen apt for evening parties. These materials are very light, similar to transparent gauze, so very cool to wear, but also very trendy. These are to be used over the shoulders or around the neck.

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