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Toscana lovers” a Siena is just round the corner form Piazza del Campo in the Nobile Contrada dell’Oca; a short distance away is the house where in 1347, Santa Caterina was born. We are consequently in the historic heart of Siena where there is a crossroads between the three Terzi (the three thirds) of the city. The building where the shop is situated was originally a convent, then, like the whole Fontebranda area, it was used for artisans workshops and commerce. This is where Nello Bianchini had his leather shop at the beginning of the 20th century.

From Nello the shop was passed on to his daughter Lelia and from her to her son Carlo Gardini who, was born in the shop above.

Carlo married Donatella Cinelli Colombini and together in 2006, they created “Toscana lovers” a shop dedicated to Tuscan handicraft of excellence.

Managed by their daughter Violante Gardini and by Chiara Nesi, “Toscana lovers” is becoming an obligatory stop for the more refined tourists. Every season new hand made products are put on sale, often different one from the other, such as the knives from Scarperia, the copper animals, the hand loomed cloths from Busatti, the “life style” plates and platters, the embroidered sheets, the cloaks from Casentino, the scarves, the Cecchi & Cecchi blankets, the soaps with natural essences …… as well as, obviously, the wines from the family wineries, Casato Prime Donne in Montalcino and Fattoria del Colle in Trequanda.

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On 24 March 2016, given the success of the Siena store, a new store "Toscana Lovers" it is opened in Bagno VignoniBagno Vignoni is located in the park of the Val d'Orcia UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2004. One of the world’s most photographed agricultural landscapes.

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shop Cortona

On April 1st Toscana Lovers has opened in Cortona in the most American of the small Tuscan cities of art. Here we propose exclusive and refined handicraft.

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Cortona is the town iof Under the Tuscan Sun written by Frances Mayes. Cortona is of Etruscan and Renaissance origin, a city full of elegant shops and with a surrounding countryside full of villas and farm transformed into luxury homes for rich US millionaires.

The shop is in front of the steps of the Palazzo Comunale and proposes the best Tuscan handicraft just like the two previous shopsin Siena and Bagno Vignoni.
Products on sale come from the workshops of laboratories of real artists where modern creativity blends with traditional manual labour. An assortment created by Carlo Gardini and his wife Donatella Cinelli Colombini through the years, visiting artisans who can interprets the modern trends. No souvenirs no old style objects, only fragments of the real Tuscany, exclusive objects, sometimes unique, to be used, to ware, or to be gifted.

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