Artisan Ceramic


Toscana Lovers”, the boutique where to find the best Tuscan handicraft, show us how memories from our childhood can become fashion and life style. The artisan laboratory in the Montelupo area, chosen by “Toscana Lovers” transforms old objects into fashionable table ware. Their fame is world wide: dishes with a shaped rim with a coat of arms in relief following a minimalist style which combines different colours, austere colours next to pastel shades. Here white enamel slightly rusty jugs with chipped edges, which farmers long ago used in the fields, have become cups and bowls…..then the wooden fruit crates which become majolica trays the pot blackened by use over the fire in the fireplace becomes a high-tech pan, so beautiful you can take it to the table.  Historical research which coexists with new technologies such as double enamel cooking; this reduces the risk of chipping during washing. The right equilibrium between elegance and innovation, quality and price.


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