Products made out of Olive Wood

The artisan chosen for you by “Toscana Lovers” is a modern Geppetto but he is a true maestro with wood. He is a carpenter by profession and an artist by vocation. The olive wood tells a story one hundred years old belonging to the tree from which it was taken. Heat waves, frosts, lightning, pruning … a series of curved lines which look like a musical rhythm which the artists follows the curves, sandpapers it, and digs out until he finds a perfect harmony. This is how the creations on sale in “Toscana Lovers” are born. Natural shake, essential, with careful attention to every detail. Shapes born form the know how and I dare say from the virtuosity, behind a facade of simplicity. So we have a bowl that  is so thin that the light shines through, while the rim of the soup tureen is chiselled by hand so as to give a pleasant feeling when touched…This is the Tuscany of great artistic handicraft, the Tuscany which fascinated the whole world with its refined sobriety. And these production are those chosen, one by one, by Chiara Nesi and Carlo Gardini for the “Toscana Lovers” shop.

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"Taglieroni" Cutting Board in Olivewood

Sales price: € 85,00
Sales price without tax: € 69,67
Tax amount: € 15,33

Cheese Set

Sales price: € 45,00
Sales price without tax: € 36,89
Tax amount: € 8,11

Mezzaluna Knife

Sales price: € 17,00
Sales price without tax: € 13,93
Tax amount: € 3,07

Parmesan Knife Olivewood Handle

Sales price: € 12,00
Sales price without tax: € 9,84
Tax amount: € 2,16

Round Mortar and Pestle in Olivewood

Sales price: € 28,00
Sales price without tax: € 22,95
Tax amount: € 5,05

Rustic Cutting Board in Olivewood

Sales price: € 25,00
Sales price without tax: € 20,49
Tax amount: € 4,51

Wine Bottle Cradle in Olivewood

Sales price: € 17,00
Sales price without tax: € 13,93
Tax amount: € 3,07

Wine Bottle Holder in Olivewood

Sales price: € 37,00
Sales price without tax: € 30,33
Tax amount: € 6,67

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